Monday, 13 June 2016

maths equation!

By Luka

This is a math task that we recently had to do.what you had to do was from 1 to 9 In little squares cut out. Make a square with 3 in each row,column,and diagonal. First it was a little hard but I couldn't give up because my brain just kept pushing me until i would let it go and carry on.Actually it might look boring but its a good exercise for your brain, and not only that it makes you think harder,its a good use of time.Finally I found my answers my heart started pounding with excitement but unfortunately it was pack up time at least i finished and I couldn't be more prouder then I am. 

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

camp writing!

Feeling the breeze as I got out of the amazing but very hot car. As I walked five steps north. Suddenly all of a sudden it was freezing. I desperately wanted my jumper,but my warm jumper was in a grey shinny trailer. Everyone was waiting around for about five minutes until Doug had came out on his medium tractor so we followed him down the bumpy hill to the camp site.” What a lovely view” I said in a quiet voice. Wow the first thing I saw of the special day was… the bright playground I wondered how stable was the see-saw. Luckily we got some yummy morning tea after the car ride. ”Mm” I said happily drinking my coreal. Finally the exiting part we got to go through the cabins and meet our beds and team mates. Our first activity was rafting one of my favorite but a scary moment since it was my first time as we got into the the shimmering water. I loved the sound it was like a piece of slow music that drifted along the river. At the end there was a massive rapid but we stopped and jumped down a high rock at the measurement of about 10 meters high. I was afraid that something would’ve happened to me so I went out until I decided that I wanted to face my fear of heights. Suddenly Harriet had the same feeling as me so I stood up straight and said in a medium voice “I will go with you. ”So we went I was extremely scared that I would fail and brake myself. I closed my eyes and jumped 1...2...3 I made It as I swam across to my rafting boat. I was so happy that day made me realize that if I put my mind to it and not think about it to much I will be able to do anything. As we were making it to the end we started trying to stay in the awesome rafting boat for age's until it came to an end. The last night was tough to sleep because I was thinking about to much things I shut my eyes and then in 2 seconds I was asleep. In the morning it was so hazy I could hardly see a thing. As I hopped into the car I really wanted to walk home there was so much shouting as I got to school I ran to my mum and gave her a big hug I really missed her until she told me some bad news…… I will miss camp and I hope I can go again!


Camp Voki

Tena Koe Tena Koutou Ko Luka ahau No Hikurangi te toka tapu Ko Maunga Ko Makaretu Ko Hnps te kura Ko Rakautatahi Kei Ngati kahungunu Ko takitimu Ko takapau rangi Kei te mihi Tena tatou katou